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Sushi is vinegared rice with seafood on the top or a mixture of the two. It is now popular worldwide and is seen as typical Japanese food.

The most common type is Nigiri or hand-rolled sushi, rice rolled into bite-sized pieces, called Shari, and covered with a piece of seafood, called Neta. You can add a touch of wasabi (horseradish) and a very small amount of shoyu (soy sauce) to enhance the flavour of the sushi. We are serving the best sushi in the city of Victoria at our Shiki Sushi restaurant.





How did people start eating sushi?

Sushi began with the custom of preserving food with fermented raw fish pickled with salt and rice, called “Narezushi”. It is said to have begun in old Tokyo in the early 19th century.

In the days before refrigeration technology, people would boil and pickle fish with soy sauce as a means of preservation. Although eating hand-rolled sushi was initially something for the common people and was sold cheaply at street stalls, it became more upscale over time. Today, you can even find sushi served in rarified specialty restaurants for astronomical prices. We provide the best variety with superb quality sushi in our Shiki Sushi restaurant.

You can find any variety of sushi at our Shiki Sushi place.

There are several types of sushi, for instance, Maki-zushi hand-rolled cones of rice and seafood wrapped in a piece of nori seaweed, and Chirashi-zushi, which layers the sushi ingredients on top of a bowl of vinegared rice.

Then there is Inari-zushi, rice wrapped in a thin layer of deep-fried tofu, which features a spicy-sweet taste. And there is Oshi-zushi, in which rice and sushi ingredients are forced into a box and hardened by the pressure.

Japanese meals are very popular all over the world and are known for their rich umami flavour, which has been described as the fifth taste: distinct from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. We serve all kinds of Japanese meals in our restaurant, so come to Shiki Sushi and enjoy your popular meal all over the globe. You name it, we serve it, because we have a great variety of dishes on our menu.

There are many places to eat sushi. But if you want to enjoy delicious sushi, you must visit our Shiki Sushi restaurant, the best Japanese restaurant in Victoria, BC, Canada.

We are the masters at creating an authentic and fresh sushi experience for you. Reach out to us and explore our great variety menu because we are the one that your tummy needs.